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Studio Capture is advanced software that captures video files and still images from digital and video cameras connected to microscopes. For users of Mettler Toledo's microscope hot-stages, Studio Capture supports real time temperature overlay into the captured images.
Studio Capture is also a convenient video display program.

The Studio Capture Suite installer includes the video capture program and also a number of useful video playback and analysis programs.

Studio Capture requires a license key which will be provided by your vendor.

Studio Capture features:
Studio Capture can overlay text and lines onto the video image in real time. This means that you can add useful information such as a scale bar or title onto the image or video you save. If you have a microscope hot-stage then you can overlay the sample temperature directly onto the image. Studio Capture also provides for “real time” and “time-lapse” video capture by using user selectable video frame capture and playback rates. Studio Capture also allows data logging of temperature, DTA signal and image intensity.


Studio Analyser features:
Can be used with any video file recorded with Studio Capture.
Analyses each frame and calculates the intensity (brightness) of the image.
Produces a data file with frame intensity, temperature and time which can be used to produce graphical plots.

Studio Player features:
Can playback all video files recorded with StudioCapture.
Controls the playback frame rate (time-lapse functionality).
Can be used to save single frames from the video files as pictures.
Can be used to edit the video file to remove unwanted sequences or shorten the file length.


Video Compression CODEC's:
CODEC's are used to reduce the size of video files. The compression process always results in some loss of image quality but this is minimized with the Mpeg4V2 codec and MSMedia9 CODEC's. The Mpeg4V2 CODEC produces smaller files than the MSMedia9 but has poorer playback performance in Studio Player.

Studio Measure features:
Calculate feature dimensions and records results in a data file.
Overlay feature measurement and save image files.
Can be used with video files and also with still images.
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